The Singing Sister

by The Once And Future Nerd

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There were two sisters by the sea
Maidens fair as fair could be.
The younger's voice, the purest one
The elder's like a candle in the sun

To town​ one day there came a knight.
The elder hoped to be his wife.
That he'd love the younger, this she feared
Soon as her voice he chanced to hear.

She called out "Sister come with me
Let's go walking by the sea.​"​
The waves did crash, the wind did churn
​But only the elder did return.

The younger's body washed ashore.
The elder feigned her tears to pour.
The handsome knight did her console.
Come spring they wed upon the knoll.

​One night a ​dragon ​​came to town
​With​ breath of flame it burnt homes down
The knight hoped to the dragon slay
But soon was the elder a widow made.

​The elder ​fear​ing​ ​doom was near
​Recalled her sister once held dear.
She crawled to the​ mound where the dead did rest. ​
And cried upon her family crest.

"A wicked rotten wretch am I.
Woe that I've but once to die
T'was not just you that drowned that day
The best part of me too washed away​."​

And then a voice came from the Earth
Sweet and pure and full of mirth​.
"Tis true, sister, you've done me​ ​w​rong
But flesh is weak​ and​ love is strong"​

​"I've still love for you to give,
So promise me that you would live.
Now take that spade, unearth my bones
And make a flute so sweet of ​tone."

She sped to town with flute bleached white,
And found the dragon in the night.
​Before it could burn her to coal
She played her flute with heart and soul.

The fife piped out both clear and true
The voice of the sister she once knew.
The dragon sighed and then he wept
Then drifted off and soundly slept.

And thus the elder's life was saved
By voice of the sister she once slayed
​In life we do each other wrong
But all atone by love's sweet song.


released July 17, 2016
Copyright © 2015 by Gibian, Glass & Madera

Lyrics by Zach Glass & Christian T. Madera, based on a traditional folk song
Music by Anya Gibian

This version arranged, orchestrated, and produced by Tom Lee.

Recorded and Edited by Justin Tricarico at Studio 302, Queens College, Queens, NY.

Performed by:

Anya Gibian - Vocals

Emily P. Dana - Harp, Violin, Viola
Simona Donova - Flute
Zach Glass - Trumpet
Tom Lee - Percussion programming
Kelsey Sheldon - Cello

Mixed by Chris Montalbo of The Last Alliance.

Executive Produced by Zach Glass & Christian T. Madera



all rights reserved


The Once And Future Nerd New York, New York

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